Keep Squirrels off your Bird Feeders, Forever?

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Dear Fellow Bird Lover,

How many times have you filled bird feeders that should have lasted a few days only to find them empty in hours?

Or had your nesting birds scared off because of the squirrels?

Or just had fewer birds because of all the squirrels around?

You’re not alone.

Almost every backyard birder has trouble with squirrels invading the feeders. Hundreds of dollars are wasted each year in bird seed and squirrel-proof bird feeders that don’t work.

I’ve been there, too.

My name is Susie Duff and I started feeding birds about 5 years ago when I was laid off from a job and found myself with a lot of time at home.

I quickly found that I had just as many squirrels interested in my feeders as birds.

Like most birding beginners, I ran out and bought the first feeder I saw with the magic words "squirrel-proof" on it. But also like most people, I found that just because a feeder is advertsied as a squirrel-proof feeder, doesn’t mean that it is.

So next I bought a pole and a squirrel baffle. Think that worked? Nope. Those darn squirrels still got into my feeder. (I later found out that there was one important step I was missing).

I spent the next 5 years trying to win the squirrel battle.

I experimented with different feeders and baffles, observed squirrels trying to outwit my attempts, and documented what works and what doesn’t. And I discovered something very interesting…

There really is a way to keep squirrels
out of your bird feeders.

I discovered that most people are unsuccessful not because the squirrel-proof feeder or baffle doesn’t work, but because the most important first step has been skipped.

I’ve done a lot of research and study since then, and I put everything I’ve learned into into an exclusive ebook filled with tips and tricks on keeping the squirrels out of bird feeders that I’d like to share with you.

It’s called Outwitting Squirrels: The Ultimate Guide to Squirrel-Proofing your Bird Feeders.

Outwitting Squirrels: The Ultimate Guide to Squirrel-Proofing your Bird Feeders

In this eBook, you’ll learn such things as:

Will a squirrel-proof bird feeder solve your problem? Not necessarily. You’ll find out why.
Will a squirrel baffle help? Only under certain conditions, which I’ll show you.
Squirrel baffles are all alike anyway, right? Wrong!
6 Myths of Squirrel-Proofing. Think cayenne pepper will keep them out? Think again!
What the first step is you should take before ever buying a so-called squirrel-proof bird feeder.
All squirrel-proof bird feeders are not made alike. You’ll find out which are effective and which are not.
There are 4 different types of squirrel-proof bird feeders. This ebook will tell you which type is the best.
Getting a squirrel-proof bird feeder is only half of the solution. You’ll learn the other half…
The best squirrel-proof feeder in the world is worthless if it isn’t positioned correctly. You’ll learn where to put your feeders so that they actually work.
Will giving the squirrel a feeder of his own keep him out of your bird feeders? Only if you do this also. I’ll let you in on the secret.

And much more…


You’ve done a great job of finding and explaining just about every current method of squirrel-proofing our bird feeders.

Avid web-surfers could spend hours or even days searching out all this information on the web – you’ve accumulated it all in one easy-to-read ebook. Congratulations on a well-done job!

I absolutely loved the squirrel obstacle course video. That little guy didn’t even look winded after the ordeal. Just shows to what lengths these fellows will go to get a free meal!

—Jeff Marx

The information in this book could save you hundreds of dollars in wasted bird seed. I could easily sell it for $30 or more.

But today I’m giving it away for only $19.95.

Bonus: Free Squirrel Munch Box (a $19.99 value)

Diversion feeding is a tactic that can be used along with squirrel-proofing your feeders.

For a limited time, you’ll also receive a FREE squirrel munch box feeder, worth 19.99 on its own!

Fill this feeder with stale crackers, cereal, etc.

Note: This should ONLY be used in conjunction with the other tactics found in my book.

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With your instant money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you.

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Outwitting Squirrels:
The Ultimate Guide to Squirrel-Proofing your Bird Feeders
Outwitting Squirrels: The Ultimate Guide to Squirrel-Proofing your Bird Feeders
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Happy Squirrel-Free Birding,

Susie Duff