Squirrel Circus

Squirrel Circus Update:
The man who created this ingenious apparatus, Jeff Miller, has stopped making these. If you’re fortunate enough to have one already, happy watching! If not… His business is for sale. Email him at jdmiller49 @ yahoo.com if you are interested.

This squirrel feeder is not just a squirrel feeder; it’s also a circus! The Squirrel Circus was first invented by a man in 2003 as a Christmas gift to his family. They had a lot of squirrels in their yard, and he realized that every backyard is filled with circus performers: they just need a stage and an audience.

He created the first squirrel circus out of a ping pong table that he found mysteriously destroyed in his basement. It was an instant hit, and now he manufactuers them and sells them online.
The Squirrel Circus features these death-defying acts:

The Nuthouse—a small cage that you fill with peanuts.

The Tightrope—watch the squirrels walk across it to get the corn cob.

The Springboard—a corn cob dangler which uses a bungee cord.

The Balance Beam—watch the squirrel navigate across it.

The Trapeze—also utilizes a corn cob to entice a performance.

The Squirrel Circus is made out of kiln-dried cedar which is one of the more weather-resistant woods. It comes with free shipping and a money back guarantee if not satisfied.

And as with the other squirrel feeders mentioned on other pages, it serves as a diversion feeder, luring the squirrels away from your bird feeders.

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